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New Places in my Mythical World (Part Two)

I’m talking about my mythical world and I’m talking about one of the areas in my mythical world that is very famous for its structures, or rather multiple areas.

This is not one of the places that is famous for its structures, but this is something that I also wanted to add in. There’s floating islands that will fall in water but if they fall on land then they will create giant mountainous creations. But if they land in water, they become new islands.

This is what it would look like when it’s floating

Now to show you what it looks like when it’s in the water:

They sometimes fall apart to make two islands.

That’s it for the islands for now.

Now for one of the famous areas: Centipedice Cave. It is famous for reasons that will only make sense once you read what’s after this.

The most famous cave in the mythical world: Centipedice

It’s supported by the giant centipedes that live inside it, and when they die they will support it with their bodies. That’s all that will make sense until later on. If you want to hear it before I put the post that will make it make sense, then just comment and tell me.

We’re running out of time, so this is being continued later.