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Lewis Farm

Lewis farm is awesome, and it is on Lewis Rd. Me and my family are going to pull weeds in exchange for their vegetables! If you’ve been working on the farm for as long as we have, they might even give you free stuff, like lunch, candy :), vegetables, and spare ribs (which were amazing). 😉 :) 😀

They also host AMAZING birthday parties, and simply phenomenal weddings! They even have a not-so-spooky hay ride! I hope you can get a chance to go, because it is a really fun experience!

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Garden Update

Luffa gourd


It takes a very long time to get luffas to grow this big. But when it does, then you can use it to wash almost anything.  And this luffa gourd still hasn’t grown all the way!







It takes a couple of months for them to get this big, and it’s not done yet.









This is the flower of a pumpkin


Thank you to everyone on the Organic Gardening boards who helped me get a thousand seeds for my birthday in February!  It took us an hour to sort through all the packages we got from all over the country (and some from Canada).