It’s snowed! It snowed! It actually snowed!

My dog loves it. And so did I! I built a snowman. You want to see a picture of it?

Yeah, I hope you do, because I’m going to put one in.



And Everett tried to pull its nose out, and here’s what it looks like after, because his head sort of fell off when he tried to eat the nose.

Snowman. After.


We made snow angels. We don’t have any pictures of that. Sigh. :/

And we also made snow ball … aaa! We didn’t make snowball fights. We PLAYED snowball fights.

Well, we made a huge snowball and it’s a lot harder to make a snow block than it is in Minecraft, trust me!

Snow block

Snow snow snow snow snow snow!


7 Responses to It’s snowed! It snowed! It actually snowed!

  1. Hulloo! Thank you for sharing your adventures in the snow! I actually haven’t gotten to see all the video yet, but the first 17 seconds were great! We had fun too! It was Anna and B’s first time playing in the snow–I am hoping for a good, hard freeze so we can go sledding! Anyway, love you! Hope to see you soon!

  2. This is wonderful Eli. Thank you very much for the pictures and words of fun!!!!!

  3. So awesome it snowed!!! It used to snow here a lot – two years in a row we got 12 inch deep snows! But this is the second winter it has not snowed here except for flurries. I miss it!

    I love your snowman and your snowblock :)

  4. Hi Dumplin’
    What a wonderful snowman, that is before the head sort of fell off. Your grandfather and I haven’t gotten enough snow this winter to build one. I have a friend, she’s 70 years old, who just moved to our mountains, and she LOVES building snowmen. Our winter isn’t over, yet. Maybe we’ll get some more snow and I can send you a picture of my snowman.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Much love,

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