My Mythical World (Part One)

I’m going to create a world that is made up of mythical creatures with different types of Creature Elements and also Matter Elements. Matter Elements are things like rocks and gems, and there are also different Creature Elements. First of all, there are the Ancient, which are creatures that are usually evil that have been around for a long time. There’s also the Fire, which are also usually evil. There’s Water, which are good and hate the Fire. There’s also Plant, which also hates Fire and is best friends with Water. And there’s Sky. And last, but not least, there’s Earth.

Help me create my mythical world, by posting mythical creatures and mythical plants in the comments. Add anything you want to it and just post it.

You can add more of any creature to go in each Creature Element, or you can add your own Creature Element. Maybe you can make pictures, and you can make a picture of what the world looks like, or stuff like that. Or what the creature looks like.

If I like it, I might add onto my post saying my world has this thing, or I’ll just say I like this, I’ll add it on.

Thank you.

12 Responses to My Mythical World (Part One)

  1. Hey Eli, very nice blog post.
    My mythical creature would be a Ruby Lightening Dragon. Instead of a fire-breathing dragon, this one flashes red lightning.

  2. I would do a water Phoenix since fire is evil. Or a Griffin would be cool. :)

    • A water Phoenix sounds cool, but aren’t Phoenix’s usually fire? But then again, this is MY mythical world… so I’ll think about adding it! Thank you.

  3. Hi Eli! I like your blog.
    I would make a very powerful creature called Nature. All other creatures would be ruled by her. You can never fool Nature. She always wins.

  4. Patricia Stafford

    Way cool. I love collecting mythological creatures and their descriptions. Do you know about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus? Every Mythological world would be incomplete with out one. You can research it, its pretty cool and fun. One of my favorite North American mythic creature based on early descriptions of mango eating octopuses in the West Indies. Did I mention WAY COOL?


    A tree! This tree would flower and produce different fruit each month of the year. It’s leaves could be used for healing. And when talked to, she would answer with words of wisdom.

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