Garden Update

Luffa gourd


It takes a very long time to get luffas to grow this big. But when it does, then you can use it to wash almost anything.  And this luffa gourd still hasn’t grown all the way!







It takes a couple of months for them to get this big, and it’s not done yet.









This is the flower of a pumpkin


Thank you to everyone on the Organic Gardening boards who helped me get a thousand seeds for my birthday in February!  It took us an hour to sort through all the packages we got from all over the country (and some from Canada).

17 Responses to Garden Update

  1. Eli, I don’t think I’ve ever known a 7 year-old who knows as much about gardening (and duck raising) as you do!

  2. Hi Eli, I liked reading about the gourd, but I don’t understand how you wash with it? Can you explain? Thanks! Maybe I should grow one too….if I do, can you come clean my house with it!! (just kidding!)

  3. Hi Eli, I am a grandma and I read Organic Gardening all the time. That is where I learned about Luffa gourds. Thanks for showing me a lovely picture. I think your picture was very nice too. You have a great smile….like sunshine.

  4. Well, once it gets brown or black, you can pick it and peel off the skin, and it will release a sponge that you can wash with. Bye!

  5. Well, I just plant the seeds and Mommy just takes care of the ducks, and I also just take really good care of my plants, and stuff like that.

  6. Hi Eli,

    Wow! What a garden. I wish you could come to my house and make my garden grow. It’s a pitiful sight to see 2″ plants when everyone else has full blown plants. I wonder if the Luffa gourd would grow at 9000 feet?

    Keep up the great work. By the way, your cousin, Haley is visiting here. She’s drawing on the windows at the moment 😉

  7. Great looking plants Eli. I hope you show us a picture of your luffa gourd when it is ready to use. I’ve been gardening a long, long time and have never grown one.

    • I didn’t see your comment for a while, and I already have harvested it, but I’m going to take a picture to show you soon.

  8. Hi Eli:

    Well, I am sure impressed! You are one very smart young man! Not too many boys your age know as much about plants as you do! I’m glad to hear that you’re interested in Luffa gourds. I like them, too. I grow them every year. We live in the California desert, where the temperature can get up to 125 degrees in the daytime. That is way too hot for some plants to survive, but the luffa gourds just keep growing and growing, kind of like Jack and the Beanstalk! Maybe you can post a picture of your luffa gourds after you harvest them this fall. I’d like to see them.

    I know your mom from the Organic Gardening website. She knows me by the name “Aunt Honey”, by my grandchildren all call me “Gramma Honey”. Love your blog – keep up the good work!

    • Thank you. I didn’t see your comment until just now, but I already harvested the luffa and I’ll take a picture soon to show you. How hard is it to find cactuses where you are? I love cactuses!

  9. Wow! Big Pumpkin leaf! I hope you get a large pumpkin.

  10. I like to grow a garden too. I wonder if I can send you a picture?


  11. Eli…. SMILE! Today is a happy day. What will you learn today? Always remember Grandaddy & Granna love you very much.

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