Monthly Archives: July 2011

A faerie house

Faeries like faerie houses that are made out of  stuff that just naturally comes off of plants and animals, and they like things that are good for the environment on their faerie houses. And they really really like things from around the environment.

Here’s a picture of a faerie house we built.

It can fit millions and thousands of cars in its garage for a big party

In one of the later pictures you might be able to find a faerie ring.

There is a whole ring of these

If you haven’t seen a picture of the faerie house, then you will want to see it because on the picture of the faerie house, remember how I said that there is a faerie ring? This is part of it.

This picture of a leaf is a pumpkin plant leaf. There’s a difference between a pumpkin plant leaf and a cantaloupe leaf. The difference is that the cantaloupe leaf is much smaller and it does not have four lobes.

A faerie could bounce right off like a diving board!

These are our ducks. They lay much sweeter eggs than chickens. And sometimes they won’t lay but they’re very nice creatures actually.

Whenever they are stuck on logs they flutter like they're birds that fly.


The pineapple puts water in its cups and then drinks it all up.

Garden Update

Luffa gourd


It takes a very long time to get luffas to grow this big. But when it does, then you can use it to wash almost anything.  And this luffa gourd still hasn’t grown all the way!







It takes a couple of months for them to get this big, and it’s not done yet.









This is the flower of a pumpkin


Thank you to everyone on the Organic Gardening boards who helped me get a thousand seeds for my birthday in February!  It took us an hour to sort through all the packages we got from all over the country (and some from Canada).