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My first Minecraft mod review

Hey!  Here are some Hexxit mods that I really enjoy in Minecraft.  I’ll be showing you three mods today.  They are:

  • Dimensional Doors
  • The Meteors Mod
  • The Twilight Forest

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

It’s snowed! It snowed! It actually snowed!

My dog loves it. And so did I! I built a snowman. You want to see a picture of it?

Yeah, I hope you do, because I’m going to put one in.



And Everett tried to pull its nose out, and here’s what it looks like after, because his head sort of fell off when he tried to eat the nose.

Snowman. After.


We made snow angels. We don’t have any pictures of that. Sigh. :/

And we also made snow ball … aaa! We didn’t make snowball fights. We PLAYED snowball fights.

Well, we made a huge snowball and it’s a lot harder to make a snow block than it is in Minecraft, trust me!

Snow block

Snow snow snow snow snow snow!


Take Over the World in Minecraft!

This is a video about taking over the world with TNT in Minecraft. It’s the funnest thing ever!