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Mythical World (part seven) the great fire

the great fire, a time that the fire critters kill’d everything. more info in part 8.

mythical world(part six)

the tree of great power it can grow a forest in a second by sending a root to the spot. when nature made the tree it made 47 trees, the humans hunted them for the magic wood and only that one lived. and that is all for now.

mythical world (part five)

“nature” is the mental form of earth and she made a tree that is the physical form of earth, i will give more information in the part six.

Mythical World four

The water creatures In the winter turn to ice crystals and can hold up to 100,000,000 pounds by itself and can move, so near the winter it and its pack will move into caves. Also in the winter, giant land masses are moved and a pack can even sometimes move entire mountains so after winter the world is completely different.

I can’t read the comments so this is my idea.

The fire snapper. there are not enough fire types the fire snapper looks like

But that is the father this is the mother     The mother can spin webs of fire and lite her shredders on fire to catch food for her family but the father has no abilitys except the father can make him self look like anything to scare the predators and the mother lays the eggs in the dirt and the father protects the eggs Baby Giant Red Spiders I will do more future apocalypse.

My Mythical World, Part Three

There are some more comments about my world. Well really, one more. And the person who gave me the idea says, “A tree! This tree would flower and produce different fruit each month of the year. It’s leaves could be used for healing. And when talked to, she would answer with words of wisdom.”



This is the temple made for this tree. There’s only one of these trees.

But. No one has ever actually seen her. She’s just a legend.


I’m going to put a sort of story into my book, about these people who go and try to find this tree: Will they succeed? They’re going to encounter every single one of these things that everyone’s posted on the way.

It’s gonna be a book!

P.S. If you have more ideas for my mythical world, please post them!

P.P.S. Part one is here. Part two is here.


New Places in my Mythical World (Part Two)

I’m talking about my mythical world and I’m talking about one of the areas in my mythical world that is very famous for its structures, or rather multiple areas.

This is not one of the places that is famous for its structures, but this is something that I also wanted to add in. There’s floating islands that will fall in water but if they fall on land then they will create giant mountainous creations. But if they land in water, they become new islands.

This is what it would look like when it’s floating

Now to show you what it looks like when it’s in the water:

They sometimes fall apart to make two islands.

That’s it for the islands for now.

Now for one of the famous areas: Centipedice Cave. It is famous for reasons that will only make sense once you read what’s after this.

The most famous cave in the mythical world: Centipedice

It’s supported by the giant centipedes that live inside it, and when they die they will support it with their bodies. That’s all that will make sense until later on. If you want to hear it before I put the post that will make it make sense, then just comment and tell me.

We’re running out of time, so this is being continued later.