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Some people have tried to add some things into my world and the people’s things that I like I’m going to add into my world by making this new post.

There is a Ruby Lightening Dragon. Instead of breathing fire, he shoots lightening from his mouth. He is a Sky Creature. Melanie made this.

There is Water Phoenix. It is basically an anti-Phoenix. When it dies, it dissolves into a puddle of water, and then a new baby one swims out. Instead of it bursting into flames and a new one climbing out of the embers. This creature is amphibious and is a Water Creature. Kathrine made this.

Nature.¬†All other creatures would be ruled by her. You can never fool Nature. She always wins. There’s going to be one Element that there’s only one of, and that’s called Earth. And she is Earth. Maybe this creature will be the Planet and everything lives on her, but I’m waiting to think what Jane thinks. Jane made this.

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The Pacific Tree Octopus is also amphibious. It is the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. I think it has a long name. It’s a Water-Plant Creature.

This world is still open, so you can post more things. I was just putting up the things that people have posted so far. I hope you post something, but you can also post on this one and I might add onto this post. When naming a new creature, can you please say what category it’s in? The categories are listed here. And you can make up a category.

After I’m done with this world, I want people to send in pictures, if you want to, for each of the creatures and then I’ll put them in so we can make the world and a picture of the planet with all the native creatures on it.

I’m going to create a favorite creature post, and put all of my favorite creatures on it, and I’m going to put all the creatures on it and I’m going to put it from number 1 to however many I have. All the ones that I put on my world will be my favorites, so if yours is last, it’s still one of my favorites.

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8 Responses to My World

  1. Eli-
    How do I send a picture to you? I’m not very computer savy.

    • This is Eli’s mom. :) You can email them to me (heather at heatherhead dot com) or send them via Facebook if you’re connected with me, and I’ll get them to Eli. Thanks for asking!

  2. Wow, Eli! I love where your imagination is going with this! I could see a fascinating book being written based in this world. Katherine’s Water Phoenix is so creative. Do you plan on having any people in this world or only creatures?

    • I was planning on only having creatures, but now that I think about it, I might have some humans, or something like that. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Glad you liked my idea Eli!

  4. Thank you Eli for sharing your imagination with us. Keep up with all the planning for your mythical world.

  5. Mythical worlds are very, very awesome. Tolkien started out with mythical worlds and look what happened! He also made up his own languages, but I think that would be pretty hard to do :)

    I think you should definitely have faeries in your world. They are awesome and I totally believe in faeries.

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