The Rain Forest

The rain forest has many plants and animals, more than half the entire world’s population. It contains more animals than you or I could ever count. It contains ferns, a whole bunch of different varieties of trees. It also has more than three quarters of the entire world’s population of insects. But many of these insects will only live in certain places inside or on the trees and plants. Some ants will be found in one kind of tree, and they eat the inside of it while living in it.

The rain forest is one of the many different kinds of biomes, but it contains more plants and animals than any other kind of biome alone.

6 Responses to The Rain Forest

  1. Eli,

    I think the rain forest is so fascinating! I would love to learn more about, especially about the ants. I really like the stories about ants who live in rain forests!

    • Thank you for the comment, but I really don’t know anything more about the ants. I’ll try to find out more.

  2. This was very good. I’m going to have my son try to read it because I’m sure he will find it very interesting. Thanks!

  3. I enjoyed this post! I did not know ants lived in AND ate the insides of trees. That would be like you eating your bed sheets every morning haha! I have been to the Amazonian rainforest and it is a beautiful, amazing place! My favorite part was sitting in a little canoe at night and seeing more stars than I ever knew existed. There is no light pollution there.

  4. Eli, the ants were very interesting, thank you for sharing that information with us. Keep up the good work.

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