The Nicest Cat Ever


5 Responses to The Nicest Cat Ever

  1. Hi Eli my name is Anna I went to school with your mom and dad. I like your cat, my cat was black too her name was Minerva. She liked to go camping with us and catch mice! I live in Washington state and work as a raft guide, I think it would be fun to take you and your family rafting if you never visit the west coast. Thanks for the cool blog!

    • Hi Anna! Thank you and we would really like to come visiting some time. It sounds like you had a nice cat and we looked at some of the pictures of Minerva on Facebook and they were great pictures.

  2. Celine Fortenberry

    Well, if Jana could, she would cat nap your kitty. She is very nice indeed & really friendly. Will have to come visit you all again soon or vice versa. Meow!

  3. I really like your sweet kitty, too!

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